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Dr Sarah Brewer -  “For those having to cope with the emotional and physical discomfort associated with recurrent skin blemishes. Taking a product that contains dairy peptides offers a natural and effective approach to treatment..."
Read about our case study participants' sucess with help: clear skinIndependent Reviews... Independent beauty bloggers have reviewed help: clear skin & help: revitalise my skin on their YouTube channels find out how they got on using the products...  Click to view these reviews and more...
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Works with Water Skin Health Blog

Works with Water Nutraceuticals is the UK's first company to pioneer a range of 100% natural skin supplements containing ingredients that are scientifically proven to help you achieve and maintain healthier skin ...Helping you take care of your skin is our passion.

You'll find the formulations in our help: range easy to use and each one contains natural ingredients scientifically proven to make a real difference to your life. The key ingredients in our cosmeceuticals range have undergone rigorous, human-trialed scientific tests that have proven their safety and effectiveness for anyone looking to achieve and maintain clear, smooth, blemish-free skin.


help: clear skin & help: clear skin menBlemish prone skin can affect anyone from adolescents to people in their forties. Although it is not physically debilitating, the psychological effects can be profound; chronic skin conditions can lead to depression and be socially debilitating.

The blend of active ingredients in help: clear skin has a positive impact on blemishes for men and women. Natural blemish treatment is achieved with the use of Praventin™, a clinically proven bioactive protein, rich in lactoferrin. Clinical trials have shown it to reduce the development of the bacteria, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes and helping you to achieve a smoother, clearer, healthier complexion.

Ageing skin

help: revitalise my skinMany of the external causes of ageing skin are determined by the health and lifestyle decisions you make every day. Making unhealthy choices can cause prematurely ageing skin, and this makes you look older, faster. While some signs of ageing skin are inevitable, there's a lot you can do to look your best at any age. Taking good care of yourself is the most important step in your anti-ageing skin care program.

help: revitalise my skin is a new ready-to-eat gel supplement that looks and taste like an indulgent treat, but is specifically formulated to deliver particular skin benefits. help: revitalise my skin contains skin rejuvenating active ingredients that help slow down the ageing process.

Acne: The Facts & Stats

Most people know about acne, or at least what it is, but not many people know about the facts or stats behind it. AcneTreatment.org.uk have produced an infographic detailing the most interesting, yet credible statistics they could find on acne. Some of these statistics were provided by Works with Water via our acne survey participants...

Courtesy of acnetreatment.org.uk